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Sunday, 5 January 2014

drug addiction treatment

The drug addiction is now one of the biggest problems experienced by the countries of the world and strives to fight ; because of serious damage to the health aspects , social, economic, and security , is no longer the problem is limited to one type of drug or a particular country or layer specific community , but all included types and classes, also appeared several new compounds have a clear effect on the nervous system and the brain .

Definition of addiction:

Is a situation resulting from the use of narcotic substances on an ongoing basis ; so that man becomes dependent upon psychologically and physically , but also needs to increase the dose from time to time to get on the trail always the same , and so dealing with an addict doses multiply in a time short even up to the point of causing the most damage to the body and the mind loses person's ability to do his work and duties of the day in the absence of this article , in the case to stop using them showing emotional and physical symptoms of serious called " withdrawal symptoms " may lead to death or addiction ; which is the addiction to alcohol or drugs or psychotropic drugs sedative or hypnotic or stimulant .

Definition of the drug :

Drugs are all plant material or manufacturer contain elements of hypnotic or sedative , which, if used in the non- medical purposes its stomach they affect the body's apathy and lethargy and paralyzing activity also affects the central nervous system and respiratory and circulatory system of chronic diseases , and lead to a case of getting used to or so-called " addiction " causing severe damage to the mental health and physical and social development.

Causes an individual to the risk of addiction:

Ignorance of the dangers of drug use .
The weakness of religious faith , and socialization is sound .
Family disintegration .
Poverty, ignorance and illiteracy .
Super-rich without the expense and waste .
Busy parents for their children , and the lack of supervision and guidance.
Lack of dialogue between family members.
Babysitting or accompany the bad guys .
Unemployment and emptiness.

Signs of a person addicted :

Sudden change in lifestyle , such as frequent absences and absence from work or study

Low -level or low academic performance at work.
Out of the house for long periods and late at night outside the home .
Dealing secrecy regarding the particularities .
Mood swings and lack of attention to appearance .
Anger for trivial reasons .
Evasion of responsibility and indifference .
Extravagance and increase the demand for money .
Changing group of friends and join the " coterie " new .
The tendency to introversion and loneliness .
Weight loss as a result of the significant loss of appetite.

Types of drugs :

Different types of drugs and forms by way of classification ; Some are classified on the basis of their impact , and others are classified on the basis of production methods or by color , and perhaps , according to dependence ( addiction ) psychological and organic .
And varying types of narcotic substances in the degree of impact and the way they work on the nervous system of the human being , such as :

Hashish and marijuana .
Sedative drugs .
Stimulant drugs such as cocaine .
Hallucinogenic substances (such as LG . Feed . (D .
Inhaled substances ( aromatic ) such as gum .
Analgesics and sedatives such as medical morphine .

Symptoms of addiction:

1) symptoms associated with the use of cannabis and marijuana :

A heightened sense of perception and audio visual and taste.
Poor memory and difficulty concentrating and motor coordination .
Increase blood pressure and heart rate .
Redness of the eyes.
Increased appetite .
Paranoia .
2) symptoms associated with doping ( amphetamine , cocaine and methyl )
Euphoria and irritability .
Depression and insomnia.
Nasal congestion and damage to the mucous membrane of the nose .
Weight loss .
Increased heart rate , blood pressure and temperature .
Paranoia .
3) symptoms associated with the use of sedatives ( barbiturates )
Drowsiness and dizziness .
Memory problems .
Depression .
Slowing breathing and low blood pressure .
Confusion and difficulty in motor coordination .
4) symptoms associated with the abuse of narcotic analgesics ( heroin , morphine and codeine )
Decrease pain .
Confusion .
Slowdown in breathing .

Effects and complications of drug addiction :

1 . Health problems : drug addiction leads to problems of physical and mental health , and it depends on the type of drug used.
2 . Loss of consciousness , coma and sudden death , especially when taking high doses or if the combination of types of drugs or alcohol .
3 . Infectious diseases such as AIDS , either through sexual relations or forbidden by sharing needles .
4 . Exposure to traffic accidents in the case of sugar .
5 . Suicide.
6 . Family problems and marital disputes because of behavioral changes that occur to the drug addict .
7 . Legal issues as drug addiction leads to theft and driving under the influence of drugs and others.
8 . Financial problems : drug addiction leads to spending money without the expense and to purchase and then formulate an addict religion and led to the behavior of illegal and unethical .

The treatment of drug addiction :

Addiction treatments include the organization of treatment programs for patients , whether in hospitals or in outpatient clinics and advise them and help them resist drug use again and to overcome the addiction.

1) treatment programs :
Include courses that focus on getting addicted to supportive therapy and relapse prevention can be achieved in individual sessions or group or family .
2) advise :
Taking the advice of a counselor myself individually or with the family , or of a psychiatrist to help resist the temptation of drug addiction and resume the abuse .
Behavior treatments can help to find ways to deal with cravings to use the drug , and suggests strategies to avoid it and prevent relapse , and to make suggestions on how to deal with relapse if it occurs.
Advice also involves talking about the work of the addict , and legal problems , and relationships with family and friends .
Taking advice with family members and help them to develop better communication skills with an addict until they are more supportive of him .
3) self-help groups :
These groups exist for people addicted to drugs and their message is that addiction is a chronic disease and there is a risk of relapse , and supportive therapy , continuous and that includes drug treatment , counseling and meetings of self-help groups is necessary to prevent relapse again. Helps the physician to locate these groups .

4 ) Treatment of withdrawal :
Drug withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the type of drug used and include insomnia , vomiting , sweating , sleep problems , hallucinations , convulsions , pain in bones, muscles , high blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature , depression and attempted suicide.
The goal of treatment withdrawal ( detoxification ) is to stop taking the drug quickly and safely , including:
1 . Gradually reduce the dose of the drug .
2 . Temporarily replaced with other materials have less severe side effects , such as methadone .
3 . For some people it may be safe to undergo withdrawal treatment in outpatient clinics , and others may require access to the hospital .
5 ) evaluation of a drug addict health :
Programs should assess the treatment of drug addicts to the presence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) , hepatitis B and C , tuberculosis Oared other infectious .

Addiction Prevention  

The best way to prevent drug addiction is not to take drugs at all, and use caution when taking any medication addictive doctor may prescribe medication to relieve pain to relieve anxiety or insomnia , or barbiturates to relieve tension or irritability . Doctors prescribe these drugs at doses are safe and monitor their use so that the patient does not get too large a dose or for too long . If the patient feels need to take a larger dose than the prescribed dose of medication , it must talk with your doctor.
Prevention of drug abuse in children:

1 . Communicate: Talk with children about the dangers of drug abuse and misuse .
2 . Listening: good listening when children spoke about their friends pressure them to use the wrong drug , and support their efforts to resist it.
3 . A good example : should the parents to avoid drug and alcohol addiction to be a good example for their children ; as the children of parents who abuse drugs are at greater risk of addiction .
4 . Strengthening the relationship : strong, stable relationship between parents and their children between the decrease of the dangers of the use of child drug .

Relapse Prevention :

Go back to be used again after the treatment , and to avoid this , you must follow these steps:
1 . Avoid high- risk situations , such as not to go back to the neighborhood that was used to get drugs and stay away from bad friends .
2 . Get help if drug use again.
3 . Commitment to the special treatment :

It may seem as if the patient is recovering and that he does not need to keep taking steps to stay free from addiction , but it should not stop seeing the psychiatrist , and go to the support group meetings its own or take prescribed medication ; as the opportunity to stay free from addiction great if follow-up treatment after recovery .


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