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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Egypt Press Review: Dec. 5


Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs official Valentine Zellweger said his ministry called on the interim government to extend the freeze of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s money for at least two more years. Zellweger said the decision taken by the Egyptian government in February 2011 will end in February 2014.

Head of the 50-member committee Amr Moussa told Youm7 he expects the majority to vote ‘Yes’ for the referendum. He said he will not run for the next presidential elections and that interim President Adly Mansour expressed his pleasure of the committee managing to complete the amendments. Moussa said members of the committee have a right to run for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Three Muslim Brotherhood students were arrested during their attempt to storm the intelligence building in Menoufia.
The Brotherhood launched a war against the new constitution.
Border guards prevented a bombing attempt on a watch tower in Rafah.
Ousted President Mohamed Morsi defense team visits him for the second time next week. Tosoun: We will try to convince him to appoint a lawyer to defend him.
Brotherhood launched war against Adbel Fattah al-Sisi as he is ahead in votes over Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan in the Time Magazine poll.


Coach to Al-Ahly team Bob Bradley ended his career in Egypt as the national team’s manager and will return to the United States on Thursday. In an interview with Al-Ahram, Bradley expressed his frustration at the Egypt’s Football Federation, adding that it did not provide him with the required support. He said the game needs comprehensive reform in Egypt. Bradley confessed to the difficulties he faced in his post. He said Superman himself would not be able to overcome the negative effects that reflected on the Egyptian football scene after the Port Said massacre.

Americans confess their influence over the world is decreasing.
Israel continues building its border fence with Egypt.
60 projects are suggested for gulf investors.
Abdel Nour: Map of international economy will be redrawn to accomplish interests of developing countries.


Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim said the ministry succeeded in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to return five antiques from France. They were smuggled from Egypt during the state of insecurity since the January 25 Revolution. They were given to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the beginning of this week. The minister said in a statement on Wednesday that the antiques were monitored on websites that sell cultural properties. The minister said the antiques date back to the Batlimosic age in three B.C.

Morsi defense team: We did not assign a date to visit Morsi in Borg Al-Arab Prison.
Poll: Turkey’s popularity is decreasing because of its policies against Egypt and Syria.
Head of Russian investment fund visits Cairo.
Investigating violations of publishing ban in the case of presidential elections.

Al-Masry Al-Youm:

Moussa said the constitution’s preamble will not be changed after the church representative discovered the phrase “Egypt ruling is civil” and wanting to change it to “Egypt’s government is civil.” Moussa told Youm7 that the constitution will not be changed after the voting process.

Amnesty International: Egypt failed to solve the problem that triggered the January 25 Revolution.
Universities study applying protest law.
Beblawy: Suez Canal axis project will start within a month.
Kebeesh: Percentage of labor and farmers goes against democracy.


Security sources said a number of their officers received threats on their personal phones. They said a number of jihadist group’s members resumed their plan of assassinations in the near future against a number of officers. Security sources said the terrorists monitor the movements of a number of officers who are responsible for Brotherhood cases.

Al-Beblawy: Enemies of the state became wilder after success of the 50-member committee.
Tareq Nour discloses secret of financers of constitution referendum campaign.
 Originally published in Youm7.
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