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Monday, 25 November 2013

hepatitis C virus new treatmen

hepatitis C virus new treatmen

hepatitis C virus new treatment  

FDA approves new treatment for hepatitis C virus

Ratified the Food and Drug Administration "FDA" America, formally , in the second of the month of Nov. , the issuance of a new drug for the treatment of chronic HBV "C", or what is known as the name of a "virus C " , where Egypt is the first in the world in the spread of this disease , and increases the number of people living within about 10 million Egyptian citizen , according to the latest statistics.

The new drug, known as the "Olysio", and owns the American Janssen Pharmaceutical Industries the exclusive right to market , which contains the active ingredient "simeprevir", and exist in the form of tablets obtained by the patient once a day .

It recommended that the administration "FDA" not to be used individually to treat viral hepatitis "C", but should be used alongside drug Ribavirin and interferon alpha , and confirmed the clinical trials of its effectiveness in the treatment of patients with type I gene .

Was tested the effectiveness and safety of drug "Olysio" through clinical trials , and eating next to drugs Ribavirin and interferon alpha , and which are used to treat the virus C , and is suitable for patients with liver disease who did not receive treatment at all or for patients who failed them treatment options earlier , as well as people with cystic hepatitis .

And the mechanism of action of the new drug , noted the Food and Drug Administration "FDA" that works by inhibiting the enzyme protease "protease", and invalidate the effectiveness of a protein vital and important , they need a "virus C " Ki doubles and reproduce , which is the third drug ratified and working this mechanism is the same , after the two drugs "Victrelis" and "Incivek", who ratified them in 2011 .

Was sure of the effectiveness and safety of the new drug after undergoing five clinical trials involving 2026 people , were divided into two groups , won the first set on each of the drug "Olysio" beside drug Ribavirin and  interferon alpha , was awarded the second drug Ribavirin and  interferon  thousand only .

The results were very positive , as occurred for the first group in response viral sustainable - any missed Hepatitis C virus detectable in the blood - by 80 % , while the Group has achieved the second did not get the drug "Olysio" ratio of only 50% , after the expiration of the 12-week from the start of clinical trials .

The experiments showed reduced effectiveness of the new drug among people with type gene first "A" malicious viral inflammation of the " Virus C " , and who carry the strain "NS3 Q80K", which is spread most commonly among patients in the United States .

Among the most prominent side effects of the new drug , as demonstrated in clinical trials , when taken together with the drug Ribavirin and  interferon alpha : rash , itching, nausea , and also spread infection allergic skin condition caused by exposure to light , so patients are advised to limit sun exposure and use of protective creams during the treatment period .

The hepatitis "Virus C" is a viral disease the serious hepatic inflammation , and contribute over time to the deterioration of liver function or liver failure , and often do not show any symptoms of the patients with the " virus C " until it happens obvious damage to the liver , which requires Over several years to become symptomatic .

new hepatitis c treatment

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