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Monday, 25 November 2013

Egypt Press Review: Nov.25

Egypt Press Review: Nov.25
Egypt Press Review: Nov.25


Former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq attempted to salute his National Movement Party members in a forum on Saturday; instead he slipped-up and saluted the “National Democratic Party (NDP) members.”


Actress Mervat Amin: The country was depressed during Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule.
Wife of deceased National Security Agency officer Mohamed Mabrouk: He was killed because he revealed that Morsi was an agent for the U.S.
Minister of Industry Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour: No Chinese steel inside Egypt.
Ministry of Finance employs Mubarak’s lawmaker as an adviser.


Conflict escalates over the constitution’s preamble in the 50-member committee, while Orthodox Church representative Bishop Pola threatened to quit the committee following the removal of the term “civil state” and the setting of an explanation for the second article according to article 219 which led to the church’s withdrawal from the 2012 committee.

Meanwhile the committee decided to reform the preamble, while it failed in allocating a parliamentary quota for laborers, farmers, women, Copts and youth.

Several advisers of ousted president Morsi, Pakinam al-Sharqawi and Seif Abdel Fatah joined faculty members and students’ protest on Sunday which marked the 100 day since the dispersal of Rabaa al-Adaweya and Nahda sit-ins.


Minister of Planning Ashraf al-Araby: Textile companies’ debts reached 4.5 billion EGP.
Sit-ins banned in Egypt’s squares.
Mubarak and his sons referred to criminal court in presidential palace case.
Brotherhood’s appeal for suspending the ban on their activities refused for the second time.


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Cooperation Ziad Bahaa el-Din denied rumors about him calling for reconciliation with the Brotherhood and said that he seeks “the protection of the democratic path” and those who practice violence against the people “will be punished.”

Assistant Minister of Justice Ezat Khamis is to announce the details of the work of the commission responsible for the Brotherhood’s confiscated properties and funds.


Head of Supreme Electoral Committee: Preparations for constitutional referendum would take a month after the call for voting.
Al-Akhbar presents an initiative to return Isma’il Pasha statue back to Tahrir Square.
 El masry

Al-Masry Al-Youm:

Discussions inside the 50-member committee about amending the roadmap include four scenarios:

The first is to hold the presidential elections before the parliamentary. The second is to hold both elections at the same time. The third is to extend the Interim President Adly Mansour’s rule for 12 months. The fourth is to extend the transitional phase and form a presidential council as an interim ruling body.


Historic agreement between the West and Iran to end the Iranian nuclear program crisis.
Ministry of Agriculture: Crimes of land infringements do not have a statute of limitations.
Al-Azhar warns from the randomness of “martyrdom Fatwas.”


The armed forces sweep the Egypt-Gaza borders and a Sheikh Zuwayed town leading to the arrest of 11 Takfiris and the burning of three suspects’ houses and 13 hideouts.


Supreme Court agrees on the prosecution appointments for 2010 and excludes 73 Brotherhood members.
Former head of Dubai Police Dhahy Khalfan: Brotherhood members have “phobia” of Egypt’s army.
Administrative prosecution and State Court authorities’ create sit-in against judiciary authority articles in the constitution.
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