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Friday, 29 November 2013

Egypt Press Review: Nov. 29


Constitutional Advisor Ali Awad said the rumor of interim President Adly Mansour  already issued a pardon for the 14 imprisoned girls in Alexandria is untrue since the pardon would be illegal and violate the law.

He told Youm7 a presidential pardon should only be issued after a final verdict. The case of the 14 girls affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood raised a great deal of controversy in the presidential institute.

Sources told Youm7 wanted Islamist group member Assem Abdel Maged was able to escape abroad under a disguise and he is currently staying in Qatar. The sources saw Abdel Maged in the streets of Doha with Brotherhood fugitive member Mahmoud Hussein.


Details of Brotherhood’s rumors about Sisi’s daughter
Minister of Health shut down 242 medical institute due to violations
Ahmed Ezz files three claims against EU for freezing 350 million Euros in his accounts
9 terrorists arrested, including leader in Beer al-Abd
Minister of Finance: It is hard to apply progressive tax on the “stamp” and sales


The interim government started executive procedures to issue the NGO law, after discussing foreign funding to non-governmental organizations and associations. The law would is to protect the national security and prevent using funding for political purposes.

Minister of Solidarity Ahmed Boraie will receive the final draft of the law from the committee on December 2. It will be presented in the next Council of Ministers meeting on December 4.

A High Committee of ministries of Solidarity, Foreign Affairs, and International Cooperation will be formed to license international organization work in Egypt.

Official spokesperson of the 50-member committee Mohamed Salmawy declared that the committee finished all the constitutional articles on Thursday.

He said they will hold a meeting on Friday to discuss voting procedures to start voting on the articles starting on Saturday.

Boraie said the committee resolved the dispute regarding the constitution preamble about defining the principles of the Islamic Sharia. The Azhar and Church representatives complied on defining the constitutional court.

Alexandria Students Union resigns after imprisoning of 14 girls
Minister of Petroleum: Maintaining subsidiaries at its current state is grave and dangerous
Al-Tayeb discusses with Al-Araby the situation in the Arab region
 Separation of new cities lighting systems from national electricity network
Pharmacies demand Health Ministry to stop selling medicines in private clinics


Former Brotherhood member Tharwat al-Kherbawy said the Muslim Brotherhood possess secret money and bank accounts no one can reach but the formed committee to allocate Brotherhood properties can find more than 300 Brotherhood institutes represented in real estate wealth that reach more than 12 billion EGP.

Ministry of Education is searching for a strategy to break Brotherhood control over teachers’ syndicate headed by prominent Brotherhood leader Ahmed al-Halwany.

Brotherhood leader Hany Salah el-Din arrested at Cairo International Airport
Upper Egypt trains regulate amid intensified security measures
Bahaa al-Din: Egypt is implementing future road map
Al-Masry Al-Youm:

Reactions escalated as former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi demanded interim president Adly Mansour to issue a presidential pardon to waive the sentence of 11 years of 17 female students. Minister of High Education and the prosecutor general met to discuss releasing the imprisoned girls. The students’ families said they will continue their protests.

Giza allocated an area of 3.5 acres as a park for demonstrators to protest in. Suez governorate also announced the allowance of citizens to protest in Suez stadium if they want to express their opinions.

50-member committee finish writing the constitution
Student was killed and dozens injured in Cairo University after clashes with security forces
Minister of Interior: People opposing protest law are “terroristic group members”
Judge of “council of ministers clashes” trial step down


Muslim Brotherhood called its supporters to rally on Friday without notifying the Minister of Interior. They will protest against the protest law and the sentences issued against the 14 Brotherhood girls in Alexandria.

Bassem Youssef: If people have to choose between Brotherhood and Egyptian army, they will choose the army
State security investigations: Hamas officer cooperated with the Brotherhood supreme guide deputy to set assassination list in Egypt
“Legitimacy coalition” rejects mediation of Nour party to settle disputes

Originally published in Youm7.
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