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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Egypt Press Review: Nov. 17

Egypt Press Review: Nov. 17
Egypt Press Review: Nov. 17


Clashes occurred between students and security inside Zagazig University on Saturday after a Faculty of Engineering student sit-in demanding the immediate release of their colleagues who were imprisoned for demonstrating inside the campus.

Questions arise about the source of the Ex-President Hosni Mubarak’s travel expenses, as he is transferred from the army hospital to the court by helicopter, while the imposed house arrest on him has ended after the lifting of the emergency state and the curfew. Lawyer Amir Salem confirms that Mubarak now has ordinary citizen rights and that he bears all expenses for his transportation to the court.

• The 50-member Committee approves electing governors
• Tahrir Square is prepared for the inauguration of martyrs Monument
• Italy lifts travel ban to Egypt and allows its citizens to visit Egypt
• Tamarod Movement meets with Foreign Minister, welcomes Russia- Egypt convergence


Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim asks his assistants to undertake all necessary measurements to secure important institutions in all governorates before commemorating Mohamed Mahmoud events.

• Russian President Vladimir Putin confirms Russia support to Egypt.
• 250 million EGP (U.S. $36.3 million) to develop Al-Qanater Al-Khayreya city located in Qalyubia Governorate.
• Italy and Cyprus lift travel ban to Egypt.
• The 50-member committee confirms that governors’ elections will be regulated by law.
• Seven million diabetes patients in Egypt.


Housing Minister Ibrahim Mahlab announced the start of a program placing youths in high positions in the ministry. Young persons will be given positions in the form of “assistants to each authority’s director.”

• Preliminary constitution draft on Tuesday.
• In the first presidential phone call between Egypt and Russia, Vladimir Putin confirms Russia’s intention to develop cooperation, particularly military.
• “Fog” postpones Mubarak trial for two hours.

Al-Masry Al-Youm

Governmental official: The government is ending negations with Saudi Arabia to receive financial support that will cover Russian weapons transactions, but it will be provided in the form of economic aid.

Al-Masry Al-Youm exclusive published the first photos of deposed president Morsi inside prison wearing the “white suit” according to prisons regulations.

• The 50-member Committee approves governor’s elections, specifies half of local council’s seats for women and youth.
• Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy met with the Tamarod Movement and the ex-leader of Gamaa Islamiyya, Nagah Ibrahim.


The National Coalition to Support Legitimacy (a.k.a the Anti-Coup Alliance) put forth an initiative that includes all political parties to end the current crises. Its timeline is two weeks, after this period negations door will closed. The party spokesperson said that Islamic parties and movements will participate in Mohamed Mahmoud’s remembrance but not go to Tahrir Square.

A Judicial source said the committee managing the Muslim Brotherhood’s finances decided to suspend Mohamed Badie and Khairat el-Shater from controlling their all assets. They are imprisoned now over accusations of killing demonstrators and inciting violence.

• Mohamed Abou Trika asks Al-Ahly Club players to support Abdul Zaher (who raised the Rabaa al-Adaweya sign during the match).
• Planning Minister: Current government is lucky that it does not need to resort to austerity.
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