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Monday, 11 November 2013

Arafat's family demanding internationalization of file and death

 death of President Yasser Arafat
 Death of President Yasser Arafat

Palestinians greets the ninth anniversary of the death of President Yasser Arafat after the medical reports confirmed what revealed by Al - Jazeera on the presence of traces of toxic plutonium in the belongings and the body of the late President , while calling his family to transfer the file to the United Nations for wide condemnation .

The island has conducted two investigations Astqsaúaan to reveal the cause of Arafat's death , based on تحليلين a team of scientists francs, focused first on his belongings and personal effects while conducted a second samples of his remains , and concluded that all of the presence of plutonium in the belongings Arafat and his remains , which reinforced the premise of his death poisoned.

The samples examined in the laboratories of Swiss , Russian and French, and Swiss laboratory confirmed in a report of 108 pages and the presence of plutonium at a rate of up to 18 times the normal rate , which raises the suspicion in his death poisoned to 83%. Arafat 's widow has received - that have already filed a case before the French judiciary - a copy of the laboratory report , also received the Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the death of Palestinian Arafat Major General Tawfiq Tirawi, a second copy of the Swiss report .

The deployment of the analysis results to an escalation of demands to detect and prosecute those involved in the crime, while calling Nasser Al-Kidwa - a nephew of Arafat - to move the investigation into the death of his uncle to the General Assembly of the United Nations to ensure the creation of a political situation and international legal could lead to other steps to ensure hard to deal with this issue.

Kidwa blamed Israel
Arafat poisoned radioactive plutonium
Kidwa said - a member of the Commission of Inquiry Palestinian Arafat's death - during a press conference held today in Ramallah "ended argue that Israel is the only party concerned, which could have possession and use of radioactive material such as polonium-210 , not to mention all the clues and other directories that Krrnaha repeatedly " .

He explained to reporters that the plutonium radioactive material not owned by only a few Member States in the nuclear club , and Israel is one of them .

He added that the question of "if there is a local port and the identity of the traitor is an important security and also from the perspective of the administration of justice and retribution , but can not reduce the fundamental issue is the political responsibility and criminal for Israel ," but he pointed out that the holding of an international trial in this regard requires a decision internationalist .

France silence
He was surprised example failure to provide the French any results of the analyzes conducted , especially that France has already similar samples when Arafat was lying in a French hospital , where he died in 2004.

He denied some quarters interpretation of the terms used in the Swiss report that they do not live up to the extent that assertion , and said that the report said that there is evidence " reasonably supports " the hypothesis of poisoning .

The report comes the anniversary of death at a time when the Palestinian political arena of the state of division and polarization severe rupture between the Palestinian Liberation Movement ( Fatah) , which was led by Arafat and the Islamic Resistance Movement ( Hamas ) .

The report has sparked which was released last Wednesday a war of words between the two teams , but they were students together to reveal the circumstances of the death and prosecute the perpetrators.

A spokesman for the government in the Gaza Strip Ehab Ghussain " after confirming assassination of Arafat the President , the Palestinian government is demanding disclosure of the killers and try and be surprised by the failure until the moment in the detection of the murderers and the circumstances of the event."

Hamas , in turn considered that the results of the analysis of samples of President Arafat by the Swiss team confirmed that he had been assassinated , and that death is natural .

The first symptoms
Arafat had been injured mysterious illness on October 12 / October 2004 during the siege of the Israeli occupation forces to his headquarters in Ramallah on the background of the events of Al-Aqsa Intifada , and appeared in the meantime, the symptoms of nausea accompanied by vomiting and pain of the belly of her person doctor then flu he had sustained some time ago , but his condition continued to deteriorate and did not succeed , Egyptian and Tunisian doctors to stop the deterioration of the situation , which summoned him on October 29 of the same month to the Percy military hospital in Paris.
French doctors have failed to turn in the diagnosis of his condition , then went into a coma just that later died on November 11 / November 2004 for 75 years. Not subject Arafat after his death in France of the anatomy or determined the cause of death or reveal his medical record , which raised suspicions among Palestinians that he was poisoned .

For his part, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday that the Palestinian Authority will continue its efforts to get to the truth in the circumstances of Arafat's departure . Abbas said in a speech aired registered during a ceremony commemorate the ninth anniversary of the death of the late leader held in Ramallah " renew our commitment to national duty and responsibility in the way of leadership of this great nation to continue in the search for the whole truth, whatever the complexities and obstacles."
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